Thursday, August 30, 2007

Apparently It's Not So Bad

Little P looked at me this afternoon after receiving this amazing gift from Gee and Trampa,
and declared that this whole broken ankle thing wasn't all that bad. Yeah, my girl is no dummy!

She has been waiting for the Felicity doll to go with Elizabeth doll that she also received from her grandparents for her birthday. American Girl dolls are an extravagance that is a wonderful thing to wait for. It makes when you do receive something like that all the more special.

She did manage to make it all around Target today on her crutches because she wanted shoes. She is soooo my kid!

I found some insanely good deals lately and thought I would share them. I bought these at Lowe's, for $1.00 each.
They were $12.00 each and they are much larger than they look. In fact they are larger than the fabric bins that go in the storage units and these were seriously cheap!

I also found these baskets, they are soft sided and really, really light weight for $3.00 each at Joann's Fabric on clearance.
They are huge! And they could not be more perfect for the color, size and the price.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Musical Couches

This is how my poor Little P had spent the last few days, different couches, different colored pens, the same damn position!

She has actually adjusted to it fairly well. At this point we are just hoping that by the time school starts, which for us, is a week from tomorrow, that she will be able to stand putting weight on it to be able to use the walking boot instead of her crutches. Let's hope!

I did have time to run to the fabric store for a little sanity. I may not have found sanity neatly packaged, but I did find these:
Aren't they beautiful? I have no idea what I am going to make with them, but I knew when I saw them that they were coming home with me.

Boots is seriously concerned about his sister. In fact, he won't leaver her side. If she is in the family room, he's in the family room. If she has made her way to the living room, he is there waiting for her. He isn't bugging her to play, he seems to be very content building up a troop of transformers off in his own little corner.
He just doesn't seem to want to be away from her. I have to say I find this incredibly comforting.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Broken Little P

Some times things just don't go according to plan. We have spent the last few weeks getting Boots and Little P ready for the start of the school year.

New sneakers - Check
New Clothes- Check
Every school supply that a 3rd Grader could ever need- Check
A new broken ankle- Check!

Wait... what? Who put that last one in there, oh yeah, Fate.

Yesterday Little P had a friend over from a sleep over the night before and they were playing in the house. Now, anyone that has spent any amount of time in this house recently had heard me warn both of my children to stop jumping down the last few stairs. I have no idea why, but apparently they simply cannot step down those last few steps. I was in the middle of one of those warnings when Little P threw caution to the wind and jumped, there was a disgusting crack and then my tan Little P turned as white as a ghost, and then came the scream. Now anyone who has never heard the scream I am talking about, count yourself so lucky. I personally think there is nothing worse.

So after an afternoon at the pediatric orthopedic she has two fractures in her ankle and a new set of crutches! Thankful they gave us the option of a casting boot verses a traditional cast.
She would have had to be re casted several times, due to swelling and wear. This way, its the same for stabilizing the break and when she can bear weight on it she will be able to walk in the boot.

You just never know what life has planned.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Linen is Beautiful

I was recently at a garage sale looking for one of these:
And not finding it. However it had this huge table piled high with embroidered linens. There were quite a few that were in bad shape, but I found this set of twelve dinner napkins with the most gorgeous rose embroidered in the corner of each, in perfect condition.
I couldn't resist getting them. And for $2.00 for twelve why would I? Now I just need to throw a dinner party so I can use them!

I also stumbled across these beautiful linen hankies.
They are trimmed with the most delicate lace, and there in the corner is a perfect E. My best friend is having baby girl in a few more weeks and her name is going to start with an E. I have a few things in mind to make with them. it will just take some brain storming.

I do have to add that when I see things like this at garage sales or at estate sales for next to nothing it tugs a bit at my heart. Someone took great care in hand stitching those. There was a lot of love and time spent on them and to see them on a table marked at a insanely low price with no one left to love them and keep them tucked away safe and ready for her next dinner party is a little sad. For now they are washed and pressed and tucked away in my linen closet for some special occasion, the start of new memories for us!

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Space for Boots

It has been forever since I last posted. I have been really busy. For one thing we redid Boots room. Now I know it's ridiculous that it has taken us this long to do something fun for the boy. We are both fairly creative people, Mr. Fantastic is a graphic designer for Pete's sake! And yet that did not prevent the poor boy from living in a white box for the last four years!
We decided to replace the windows in his room about a month ago, and with that change the motivation to actually decorate started to flow. We decided to go with a simple geometric design that he would grow with. And that leaf I bought from Ikea was going to fit into that scheme if it killed me!
The shades were a nightmare to make, but I LOVE the end result! And the room is still missing a few finishing touches that should be done with in the next week or two when I have thirty seconds to sit down and sew! I will be making a triple sized denim bean bag chair with velvet piping and head and foot board covers, also in denim. With little boys is there any better of a fabric than denim? It actually looks better the more you beat it up!

He as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tv that has speakers on the sides, I was determined to be able to close it away when it was not in use. So I found a heavy duty draw slide kit and made his armoire a little entertainment center.

He loves it! Thank god, because I spent a fair amount of time while I was painting trying to convince him that no, he did not need a dinosaur, jimmy neutron, transformers room. I was praying that when we were done he would be able to rest easy in a room that was made with him in mind.

That having been said I have a habit of checking on my kids, sometimes several times a night. I don't sleep well anyhow so as long as I am up, I check in on them, at some point in between me looking in he woke up and turned on his light. So in seeing this I went into turn it off and this is what I found...
Apparently his is quite comfortable in his new digs.