Thursday, January 17, 2008

Public Market Thursday

My friend and neighbor Sue and I have decided to make a little time to head to the public market each Thursday morning. It's getting harder and harder for us to find time to see each other, and both of us are very careful about the freshness of the foods we purchase. So this idea fills both of those niches. How very sad it is to have to double schedule things to be able to make time! But it works for us.

So today with the temps in the low twenties, we grabbed some gloves and our canvas shopping bags and set out to find some homegrown goodness...

Our first stop is always this enclosed market that sells fresh and dried herbs, and all sort of extracts. Today I needed vanilla, and I love the fact that is is made right here in Rochester.
Then it's on to the pastry man, he has these HUGE cinnamon roles for $ .50 each,
is there anything that is $ .50 each anymore??? But aside from the price, they are INSANELY good!!! Today he also had this bag of three small focaccia breads for $1.00.
I see sauce in our future!

We also found some local honey,
Some veggies, Little P has been asking to try parsnips.
This looked so funky I had to ask what it is,
It's celery root. I have to say that I am not so sure I could eat this. It doesn't look very appetizing!

This looked funky too:
But I didn't ask about it! That's an interesting phrase on the outside of a place that makes fried dough. For those die hard Soprano fans, this is for you.

I didn't buy any of these today but how beautiful is this to look at?
We did stop at the cheese dude and I bought some pepperoni sticks, for Mr. Fantastic to snack on, and some parm cheese, about a pound and a half for... $3.00. Gotta love that!
Last but not least, we stopped at this hole in the wall place called, Juan and Maria's Empanada Stop. They have breakfast sandwich and a drink for $1.95.
We stop every time we go and I think that I look forward to that way more that I should!


Blogger elizabeth said...

umm time ya go can i come???? i really need some of that parm at that price. oh and the foccacia! and those cinnamon buns. yep need some of those!

love the bada bing! we've always said when we get a boot that is what its going to be named. especially since stugots (sp?) was already taken by tony s. ;)

7:31 PM  

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