Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Well, well, well. I have found my way back to you. My children have grown and I have shrank. I am ready to create and bake again and document this next year. My little P is now a senior.

A SENIOR. Ahem, no, no of course I am not crying, there must be something in my eyes.  She is still my Little P but she is now getting ready to leave for college. Be still my pained heart. I love that she is ready. I really do, and in some weird way I feel like we should be thrilled as parents that she is fearless. She is so excited to spread her wings and learn new things, meet new people. Again, I LOVE this. I am just not ready to be away from her yet.

But we do have a bit of time before she leaves so I am going to fill it with fun. We have had a few losses. Brody my beautiful little black bear left us, sweetly and quietly a few years ago.  Somehow, magically a long while later, I have fallen in love with this sweet, crazy puppy whose name is Chewy, for the obvious reason of looking like Chewbacca. But in true ironic fashion, he does indeed CHEW on everything !

 He was a 40th birthday present from the family. And I couldn't be more in love. So for now , stay tuned, we will be doing some more fun, creative things with lots of pictures and notes about my days. Baking, sewing, updating my house, crafting and enjoying my life in general.


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