Friday, January 11, 2008

Big Love for Elf Shoes

I love, love, love the ornaments I made for Christmas this year. In the months leading up to the big event I tried out at least a dozen options for ornaments. I had some specifics this year that I was hoping to fulfill. I really wanted to sew something, more specifically hand sew something. I wasn't sure what until I saw these:
(picture taken from Allsorts post)
Immediately smitten, I went out to buy the most gorgeous wool felt that I could afford. And at $18.00 a yard, it wasn't a ton! Thank you so much to Allsorts for this amazing pattern! It was entirely too much fun to make.

I made a small army of elf shoes, its sort of tradition to give ornaments out to our siblings and over the years I have tried to always make them myself. I also make an ornament for Boots and Little P each year so that when the time comes for them to grow up and move out on their own they will already have ornaments for their first tree.

My one regret in the whole process is that I didn't take a single picture until tonight, and that is only of the last two sets that are awaiting a visit to my best friend and my gorgeous new niece. As many times as I walked past the 20 or so sets and they made me grin I never took a picture, I can't believe it! Anyhow these are it:The red pair does not have their buttons or their ribbons yet, but you get the idea!

My niece picked out these two fabrics when she was here from California in December, I am making a tote bag for her.
I LOVE the bobby pins! Too cute. Now what to make for me???


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