Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Coffee Is My Friend !

So I have a thing for coffee mugs. I cannot control myself when I see one that I like. I simply must have it. Usually this is not a problem. Unfortunately lately I have been WEAK! Thus my LOVE of the internet !!! You can literally find ANYTHING. Some of my favorites are :

This Bambi mug that we bought on vacation at Disney:
This Mary Poppins Mug that I did see while we were on vacation at Disney and did not buy for some reason and then had to hunt it down and purchase it on Ebay for waaaaayyyyyy more than it would have been at Disney... But can you blame me ?! Boots just finished Mary Poppins the play so my house is full of cockney accents and spoons full of sugar so of course we had to have it!
 And then there is this HUGE mug. Target people, Target.