Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Good morning! Recently in life, my family has discovered that they are in LOVE with musicals. A few years ago my son was in Shrek the Musical. Since he was not the biggest fan of the movie I was not sure how a musical would go over. So in preparation we looked for the Broadway musical on Netflix.

If you haven't seen it, watch it. It's utterly hilarious. It's sweet and the level of talent is incredible. The songs, story line, and flow of the musical are almost completely different from the film version. If you have a chance, at least Youtube-  Morning Person 

Last April I took the children to NYC to see their first true Broadway performance in person. We saw Aladdin. It was beyond Magical. If you have a chance, see it.

  In a few weeks Wicked is coming to our city. We have tickets and cannot wait !!!!! I will take as many pictures as my family can stomach and post, post, post!

In other news, recently, in the last year or so I have lost about 55 pounds. I have yet to wrap my head around this. However, lately I am making my peace with buying a few new things due to the fact that nothing in my possession fits properly. Including but not limited to shoes and underwear. I was aware of the underwear thing, even though it seemed strange. However I would have never guessed my feet would change size. But they have so lately I am buying shoes, shoes and more shoes.

I bought these this morning :

Can you stand how cute they are ???!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Well, well, well. I have found my way back to you. My children have grown and I have shrank. I am ready to create and bake again and document this next year. My little P is now a senior.

A SENIOR. Ahem, no, no of course I am not crying, there must be something in my eyes.  She is still my Little P but she is now getting ready to leave for college. Be still my pained heart. I love that she is ready. I really do, and in some weird way I feel like we should be thrilled as parents that she is fearless. She is so excited to spread her wings and learn new things, meet new people. Again, I LOVE this. I am just not ready to be away from her yet.

But we do have a bit of time before she leaves so I am going to fill it with fun. We have had a few losses. Brody my beautiful little black bear left us, sweetly and quietly a few years ago.  Somehow, magically a long while later, I have fallen in love with this sweet, crazy puppy whose name is Chewy, for the obvious reason of looking like Chewbacca. But in true ironic fashion, he does indeed CHEW on everything !

 He was a 40th birthday present from the family. And I couldn't be more in love. So for now , stay tuned, we will be doing some more fun, creative things with lots of pictures and notes about my days. Baking, sewing, updating my house, crafting and enjoying my life in general.