Tuesday, January 08, 2008


If you live in New York, more specifically in Western New York, the weather the past few days has been really, really enjoyable. There is nothing like a nice 65 degree break from the snow to make you throw open the windows and want to start spring cleaning!

And I did, until Boots got home from school and wanted to take a walk and enjoy the weather. The dust at my house far from my mind we walked and talked all about school and their new science experiment. He is loving predicting the outcome of things, the excitement of waiting to find how it is going to turn out is almost more than he can take! Today they tried to clean pennies with a variety of things, he was beside himself that lemon juice does anything other than make things taste different. He truly loves school and I am not so sure I have ever seen a more eager to learn 4 year old.

Listening to him get so excited over telling me what he learned I was brought back to one thought. This is why I am home. I loved every single word, driving the point into my brain, this is why Mr. Fantastic and I work so hard to make it all meet up. These are the moments that quiet the uneasy side of me. I couldn't be more in love with the fact that he has so much to share that he can barely get the thoughts out, and that he is excited to share them with me. Me...I feel so blessed to be that person. I love, love, love my life. I am so lucky to have this boy to call my own.


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