Friday, May 18, 2007

Is it gonna end soon?

Well, my excuse for not updating is surprisingly not blamed on my inability to figure out how to do everything that I have to do in my life and still have two seconds to rub together to for the things I want to get done. No, not this time. This time it is sick children, knock down drag out make you want to cry for them kind of sick. First it was Little P, she came down with a stomach bug earlier on in the week, it lasted for way too long and the poor little thing was so fed up. I don't blame her one bit. We thought as we had a day of rest in between that Boots by some grace must have skated past this one. No such luck. So here he is eating a Popsicle, being a unbelievably well behaved little boy considering the night he went through.
Yes, he is wearing mittens, how else do you eat a Popsicle when your a little too chilly from having a fever?

Last week, Little P went to the eye doctors. She was very nervous that she might need glasses. I was almost 100% sure that she was going to get them even before we went. Being as nervous about it as she was, I kept that piece of information to myself. The eye doctor told her that indeed she would need them and that if she was lucky, the problem would correct it's self in a number of years. She was a bit on edge about how they would look on her. When we went yesterday to pick them up, she could hardly stand the wait. I have to tell you that they are absolutely perfect for her, they are the perfect shape and size for her little face.
And best of all, she loves them, yup, she L-O-V-E-S them. Whew, thank god for that!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shiny things make me happy!!!!

Today I bought this...
Not to impressive, but why, are you asking yourself, would she be excited about cleaner? Well for two reasons actually, it satisfies the super obsessive cleaning part of me to purchase any product who's sole reason for existence is to aid me in the whole one woman cleaning show I run here. And the second reason is this:
We decided after many, many, many, well just too many years with a grill that has been on it's last leg for just that long, that we were indeed ready for a little more style, ease and beauty. I saw this a while ago and thought that we should have it, the very image seemed to plant it's self in my brain until the need to own was far to great for me to resist. So here it is, and the reason it is in the kitchen is because that is where we put it together, and it doesn't have a cover yet, and I am sooooooo NOT putting this gorgeous shiny piece of stainless steel out on the deck with out something between it and the group of birds that seems to live a few houses over!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One Tough Cookie

Some times life is much like a cookie, it might be all sweet and fulfilling but then it starts to crumble and leaves a big ol' mess all over your floor....

I have to figure out how to use the time that I actually do have more efficiently. I recently started a new job. I LOVE this job. It allows me to still be with my kids and not miss a moment there. It happens to be the perfect job for the time being. I just have to get better at the whole juggling act. I am finding that the whole "free time" idea is a load of crap for me at least. But between working, the kids, the calender, Mr. Fantastics calender, preschool running, the gym, the house, the laundry, (the list goes on and on) I was finding that I didn't have two seconds to think.

Notice that I did manage to find some time to type to you today, so I must be getting better at it somehow! Hope you are all managing your own craziness better than me!