Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ta Tas and Cupcakes

I took Boots to the dentist the other day, and while I was there looking through a magazine I saw an add for this onesie.
I thought it was cute, and thinking of my new nephew, wrote down the web address to order one for him for Christmas. After I got home and looked it up here I found that not only do they make cute children's shirts, they make clothing for the whole family! They are a smaller company committed to helping financially support breast cancer research. They give 5% if their gross sales research. Every item, every sale, every year. From their launch in 2004 they have donated over $100,000 to the fight against the disease. Love it, look forward to Save The Ta Ta' s christmas presents this year!

In that same magazine I saw this:
Who doesn't need one of these? It makes a giant cake shaped like a Cupcake!!! Can you stand it!!! I found it for sale here. I think I need this pan, I am not sure when the hell I am going to use it, but I am certain that I will eventually!
This is the picture I saw it in originally, how could you not fall for this immediately?

On the Halloween front, I am up to my freaken' elbows in costumes. Little P is going to be a poodle skirt wearing sock hop girl, but it won't actually have a poodle! It will have a cat. But you get the idea. Boots is going to be a Ninja, it took him forever to make up his mind and I am still not certain that this is what we will end up with. Mr. Fantastic and I are going to a Halloween party this year at a friends house, so I have my plate full with those costumes as well. So my sewing machine has been going non stop for a while now! I will post pictures when I have more completed.

I did want to show you these:
I bought them at Wegmans, For $1.95 each. They are tooooooo cute. And for that price I couldn't help but to buy one of each!

By the way, we bought a new car... not quite as fun as buying Halloween decorations but we are thrilled with what we got.