Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ikea, how I love thee!

While we were on vacation, I had the fantastic opportunity to go with my amazing sister in law to Ikea. We do have them here in NY but that would be New York City, not upstate NY and the closest one to me would be in Canada.

So we shipped the older kids off to the grandparents house to play and we took my nephew and my oldest niece with us for some shopping and a bite to eat. I was told that if you are going to go to Ikea you need to have the Swedish meatballs. And who am I to argue!

So off to Ikea we went. I love the way they market the store, everything is set up in "rooms" and you can see all of the things that are normally huddled together in sterile packaging out at work in the possible perfect environment for you. I do have to say that I would enjoy shopping ALOT more if more stores were set up this way. And for those of us with the impossible can't make up your mind for shit hang up, this helps!

I didn't really consider much in the way of furniture while we were there, mainly because I had to fly home and how the hell was I suppose to get a new dresser on the plane? The kids section was so much fun! This began my new plan for Boots room, it was born out of this:

And then we had lunch, and as promised these were absolutely the best Swedish meatballs I have ever had! And then on to more shopping, all with out leaving the building... Genius.

Anyhow I managed to keep my glee under control until we got to the kitchen section, then all hell broke loose! Every corner I turned revealed something else that I needed. The dishes and the glassware, were amazing, again, I can't tell you how disappointed I was that I had to fly home. I found this:
for measuring and had to have it, so I put it in the suitcase on the way home and prayed and as you can see, it did indeed make it home safe and sound. I am now kicking myself for not doing that with the vintage star light martini set that I saw!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life is Unpredictable

Okay, so life has been insane here, kids are out of school, new jobs are being taken, trips were thoroughly enjoyed, loved in fact. Lots of cookies have been baked, and the cooler temps have been enjoyed right down to that 50 degree mark at night. I guess I needed the break. But I have lots and lots to write about so stick around if you want still want to read...
The sand at the beach was amazing!